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Helen. 20. Ireland

aspiring journalist who obsesses over fictional characters and their relationships.
I want to travel the world and see everything, number one on the list: NYC.
I live an erica durance appreciation life & I really like superheroes.

currently obsessed with: all things chuck.

forever holding on to smallville ♥
30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 7: Favourite Episode (excluding premieres and finales)Homecoming is simply perfection. It is the best episode of any show, EVER. I mean, look at that future sequence! Tom & Erica pulled it out of the bag when it came to playing future Lois Lane & Clark Kent which makes me really want a Smallville movie - just imagine how awesome it would be?! Not to mention, Tom Welling looked so HOT in those glasses ;) And in the last scene between Lois & Clark, Tom & Erica’s chemistry just shines through and makes it so believable. Clark Kent finally tells Lois Lane that he loves her and her reciprocated feelings give him the strength he needs to fly. I love Oliver in this episode too and his speech at the end is brilliant, 'You're damn right I'm a hero.' Also the scene where Clark visits his fathers grave really got me, especially when he said, ‘You said to hold on to Smallville, I will, I won’t ever forget.’ I was just sitting there crying like ‘I won’t Clark!’ I could go on forever about how much I love this episode but I won’t, so in a word - PERFECTION.
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    WORD. and I love the fact someone else agree’s about Ollie’s speech. I was cheering..because he was absolutely...
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